Got Data?       

  Get Growing   

Problems should be solved. Pipe dreams should be pursued. Pitch us your data project and we could put a team led by one of Canada’s top data scientists to work for your small or medium-sized business for six months — for free.


Here are the details:

This activity consists of a short-term data-related project that applies the expertise in the Institute for Big Data Analytics to address a challenge submitted by a small or medium sized enterprise in Nova Scotia. Partnering companies gain by having the expertise of the Institute for Big Data Analytics focused on their issues and by discovering what the researchers and the students working with them have to offer in a collaboration of up to six months duration.  We invite one-page submissions containing the following:

  • a description of your organization and its objectives.

  • a well defined research objective for this project.

  • confirmed access to the relevant data sets.

  • a commitment to an in-kind contribution consisting of personnel time to engage with the project.

Proposals will be assessed by The Institute and projects will be selected depending upon the challenges and merits of the research problems involved and their suitability to the training goals of the Institute. It may be that one large project is chosen, or more than one smaller projects. Projects will be conducted by graduate students and postdoctoral fellows under the supervision of Dr. Matwin and other Instiute faculty. These research projects would be run in spring and summer of 2016.  The winning organization will be expected to sign standard Dalhousie University research agreements.

To submit, please send a one-page proposal in PDF format to: