Tool to allow users to select and export AIS data from 2012 up to 2016. Users may filter portions of the dataset by selecting a region of the world or the vessel identification(MMSI). Currently only allows data to be exported to csv format.

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Fishing Observer

Tool to allow users to select AIS data based on the fishing activity pattern. The only form is by selecting a region on a map. Currently only allows data to be exported to csv format.

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ANALYTiC Platform

We have recently published a paper on the use of Machine Learning to annotate trajectories of moving objects. There is an increasing amount of trajectories data becoming available by the tracking of various moving objects: animals, vessels, vehicles, and humans. However, these large collections of movement data lack semantic annotations, since they are typically done by domain experts in a time-consuming activity. We have shown that Machine Learning techniques can be an effective and efficient tool in the process of semantic annotation of trajectories. Specifically, we demonstrate how active learning allows a minimal set of trajectories to be annotated, while preserving good performance measures.  We test several active learning strategies with three different trajectories datasets. The paper, ANALYTiC: An Active Learning System for Trajectory Classification, co-authored by Amilcar Soares, Research Associate with the Institute, Chiara Renso from the Italian National research Council (CNR) Lab in Pisa, and Stan Matwin, will appear in IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. The paper describes the ANALYTiC platform, a web-based interactive tool to visually assist the user in the active learning process over trajectory data.

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A short video about Big Data