Executive Committee

  • Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Dean of Management
  • Dr. David Anderson, Dean of Medicine
  • Dr. Evangelos Milios, Vice-Dean, Research, Faculty of Computer Science
  • Dr. Andrew Rau-Chaplin, Professor, Faculty of Computer Science
  • Dr. Nur Zincir-Heywood, Faculty of Computer Science
  • Dr. Stan Matwin, Director, (ex officio), Faculty of Computer Science

Advisory Board

  • Sue Abu-Hakima Amika, President and CEO, AmikaMobile, Ottawa, ON
  • Martin Davis, Vice-President of IT, JD Irving, Moncton, NB
  • Peter Hickey, Co-founder, Oris4, Halifax, NS
  • David Kasik, Senior Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company, Seattle, Washington
  • Stephen Perelgut, IBM Canada University Relations Manager, Markham, ON


Dr. Stan Matwin, Ph.D. CRC

Following his Ph.D., Stan was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Warsaw University. He joined University of Guelph in 1977, and Acadia University in 1980. Since 1981 at the University of Ottawa, as of 2011 a Distinguished University Professor (on leave). For many years in charge of graduate studies in Computer Science at the University of Ottawa, and a founding father of the Graduate Certificate in Electronic Commerce at University of Ottawa in 1999. Also affiliated with the Institute for Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences as a Professor, Stan has worked at universities in the U.S, Europe, and Latin America. Recognized internationally for his work in text mining, applications of Machine Learning, and data privacy, author and co-author of more than 250 research paper. Former president of the Canadian Artificial Intelligence Association (CAIAC) and of the IFIP Working Group 12.2 (Machine Learning). Stan has significant experience and interest in innovation and technology transfer. One of the founders of Distil Interactive Inc. and Devera Logic Inc.

Publications: (dblp)




Dr. Marina Sokolova, PhD

Marina works in Text Data Mining and Machine Learning. She is a faculty member at  University of Ottawa, Faculty of Medicine and School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Dr. Sokolova obtained her PhD from the School of Information Technology and Engineering, University of Ottawa in 2006. She has been awarded with grants and merit-based awards from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. She is a member of program committees of international conferences on Artificial Intelligence and reviews for international journals in the field of Text Data Mining and participated in  The Agenda with Steve Paikin (TVO). Marina has been selected to serve on the Executive of the Canadian Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAIAC). She is also onthe Editorial Board of Computational  Intelligence, a leading international journal in AI.

Development of automated methods for Social Mining is a challenging task, especially when the methods apply to big volumes of ever-changing data, a phenomenon which is called Big Data. Our goal is to design and deploy the methods that work well with variety of content and context. Part of our research focuses on design and development of automated methods for analysis of user-the funds written Web content and protection of privacy of users. These methods are used to find and extract information from social media, including details pertaining to personal health information and public health. We build methods for automated sentiment analysis and opinion mining from contents of user messages. We also work on extraction and analysis of personal health information posted in social media (e.g., Twitter, social networks, medical forums).

Two popular papers:

Publications: (dblp)



Dr. Aaron Gerow, PhD

Aaron is a Killam Postdoc Fellow studying the relationship between structure and system-wide outcomes in complex social systems. With a background is in natural language processing, Aaron's work uses methods from high performance computing, machine learning and network science to help make sense of large-scale social systems such as scientific research, knowledge curration and lexical innovation. Before joining Dal in 2016, he received a masters degree in cognitive science from the University College Dublin and a PhD in computer science from Trinity College Dublin. Most recently, he was a postdoc at the University of Chicago in the Knowledge Lab, part of the Computation Institute where, in addition to various text mining projects, his work focused on metricating collaborative potential and on modeling the dynamics of scholarly influence. 

Email:  gerow@dal.ca

Webpage:  cs.dal.ca/~gerow


Dr. Amílcar Soares Júnior, PhD

Dr. Soares has his Ph.D. from the Federal University of Pernambuco (Recife- Brazil) in 2016, and currently works as a Research Scientist at Big Data Analytics Institute. He has experience with both academia and the private sector (https://ca.linkedin.com/in/amilcarsj). His current interests include trajectory segmentation, classification, enrichment, and visualization.


Dr. Erico Neves De Souza, PhD

Dr. Erico N de Souza has his Ph.D. from the University of Ottawa, in 2014, and currently works as a Research Scientist of Big Data Analytics Institute, using machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies in vessel movement, fishing activity detection and human mobility activity based on GPS coordinates.


PhD Students

Eman Alyami

Eman is an Interdisciplinary PhD student majoring in computer science, information management, and social science. She obtained her master degree in E-commerce at Dalhousie. Her main research area is in Human Computer Interaction HCI with the focus on Collaborative Networking for educational purposes and personal learning. She is particularly working on the role of social network platforms on females education in the Middle East. She is also interested in text mining, NLP, and content analysis. She is a member of Women in Technology Society and affiliated with WISE Atlantic Organization.

Fateha Khanam Bappee

Ph.D. student at Dalhousie University, Faculty of Computer Science and Research Assistant in the institute for Big Data Analytics Lab since January 2016.  M.Sc. in Computer Science, 2014  St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS, Canada.  B.Sc. (Honors) in Computer Science and Engineering, 2009  University of Chittagong, Chittagong, BangladeshResearch Interests: Data Mining and Machine Learning, Text Data Mining, Bioinformatics. 

Neil Burke

Neil Burke is a PhD student in the Faculty of Computer Science at Dalhousie University. He received his MSc at Dalhousie University in 2016 and his BSc at Saint Mary's University in 2014. His primary research interests include distributed data stores, OLAP systems and
parallel computing.

Gurcan Gercek

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Xiang Jiang

Xiang Jiang PhD student at the Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University. His research interests include: Machine Learning, Data Mining and Ship Trajectory Analysis. He is currently working on ship trajectory classification from AIS (Automatic Identification System) data using deep learning approaches.


Habibeh Naderi Khorshidi

Habibeh is a PhD student at the Faculty of Computer Science and is working as a Research Assistant in the Institute for Big Data Analytics. Her research interests include Machine Learning, Big Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, and Computer Vision


Xuan Liu

Xuan obtained her Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Ottawa on Jan, 2014. She also received a Master’s degree in physics at University of Ottawa on Nov, 2011 with excellent academic achievements. During this period, she has received an international student admission scholarship for two years at University of Ottawa (only two students were awarded this scholarship at the physics department).

She had worked as a research assistant at Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC) for the project of computer-aided detection and classification for Multiple Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle (AUV) Operations. Her research interests include big data mining, Hadoop MapReduce, ensemble learning and scalable machine learning. Up till now, she has been the author or co-author of 10 international level journals and conference papers.

Behrouz Haji Soleimani Mamaghani

Behrouz is currently a PhD student at Dalhousie University and is working as a Research Assistant in the Institute for Big Data Analytics lab since 2013. He received his MSc degree in Computer Science from University of Tehran in 2011 and his BSc degree from University of Science and Culture with honours in 2007. His current research mainly focuses on scalable solutions for big data, pattern recognition, machine learning and data stream mining. He has also experience in geospatial data analysis, computer vision and image processing.

Ahmad Pesaranghader

Ahmad Pesaranghader is a researcher in the fields of Computational Intelligence, Computational Linguistics and Bioinformatics, and a Ph.D. fellow at the Institute for Big Data Analytics, Dalhousie University. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Software Engineering, Iran. He has also obtained a Master's degree in Knowledge Management with Multimedia from Multimedia University, Malaysia. Currently, his primary research interests are around the application and development of Deep Neural Networks in the context of biology and medical concepts. For his contact information and more on research works you can refer to his personal webpage.


Sima Sharifirad

Sima has been a PhD student and research assistant at the Institute for Big Data Analytics, Dalhousie university since 2016. She received her M.Sc. from AmirKabir university (Tehran Polytechnic) in 2015 and B.Sc. from Bahonar university in 2012. Her research centers around Machine learning, dimensionality reduction, NLP, data mining.


Masters Students

Thomas Crowell

Thomas is a MCS student at Dalhousie University and research assistant at the Institute for Big Data Analytics. He obtained his BSc in Mathematics and Statistics with distinction at Dalhousie University in 2015. His interests include Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Algorithms.


Research Assistants

Pedram Adibi

Pedram is currently a Master’s student in computer science at Dalhousie university. He joined the Institute for Big Data Analytics as a research assistant after receiving his BSc (Hons) in computer science from University of Toronto in 2015. His academic areas of interest include Machine Learning, Data Mining, Numerical Analysis, Algorithms and Data Structures. Beside research, he is a hang gliding learner who enjoys nature, and a musical enthusiast.


Casey Hilliard


Casey is a research assistant (BCS Dalhousie) with the Institute for Big Data Analytics, primarily tasked with managing the local Satellite AIS traffic database, as part of the exactEarth-MEOPAR-Dalhousie partnership, and which is hosted by the Institute. His background is in GIS/spatial programming and system administration and he has been involved with the MARIN Research Group (http://www.marin-research.ca/) for the last 10+ years, developing and analysing spatial models and simulations of marine traffic data. Recently, Casey has been pursuing some work in developing on Google Earth Engine (https://earthengine.google.com/), assessing how vessel traffic might be incorporated into, and avail of, the analytical resources that the platform has on offer.

Baifan Hu

Baifan Hu is currently a Master's student at Dalhousie University. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China in 2013. She is now working on the project with AIS data. Her research interests includes Machine Learning, Data Mining and Data Visualization. 


Balachandhar Tirunelveli Nallasivan

Balachandhar TN is currently a Master's student in Computer Science at Dalhousie University and is working as a Research Assistant in the Institute for Big Data Analytics lab since 2015. Prior to Dalhousie, He had worked as Software developer in TCS research labs in India. He obtained his Bachelors in Information Technology from the Anna University, Chennai in 2011. His research centres around Machine Learning, Data Mining, Parallel Computing, Algorithms and Data Structures.



Susan Doré - CREATE Program Administrator

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David Langstroth, MBA - Development and Communications Manager

David has been working at Dalhousie for a number of projects since 2004, as project manager for the D-Drive lab under Jon Borwein and as Executive Administrator for AARMS since 2006.  He received his MBA from the Open University in the UK and has a background as a symphonic musician working for the BBC.  He is also a partner in Alexander Technique Atlantic.